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A first generation entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience, Gautam Baid knows the industry inside out. Years ago, Baid co-founded his company Coast to Coast Designs with his friend Vinit Aggarwal. Today, the company is at its pinnacle, and considered the go-to brand for their wood veneers In the interior industry. They provide components to some of the biggest brands in India.

Gautam aspires to give India a world class luxury lifestyle experience with Sunday. His goal is to make the pleasures of beautifully designed furnishings and home decor more cost-effective and accessible to a larger group of people, without losing soul, or compromising on quality. The brand is for those who, like Gautam, know how to live life with joy. A peoples person through and through, Gautam enjoys travelling, wine and sports. To him, Sundays are best when they’re spent with friends and family.

Vinit Agarwal


Co Founder

Vinit Agarwal is a second generation entrepreneur, who co-founded Coast to Coast Designs with Gautam. Their company has become the go-to brand for wood veneers, counting some of the biggest brands in India amongst their clients. After graduating in Commerce, he has explored different aspects of business and believes in the inherent value of process, creation and design. He has a passion for travel, culinary experiences and hopes to bring another aspect of luxury lifestyle to India with Sunday


Michael Ogle joined Sunday with the noble intention of making excellent design more accessible. It’s a field he knows well, having worked for over three decades manufacturing furniture, interiors and accessories for the retail and hospitality market. He’s played a significant role in creating some of the most iconic spaces in the world - Royal Isabela, Dorado Ritz Reserve, Park Hyatt Hadahaa, Alila Goa are just a few examples. His roles have even landed him 3 Best Hotels from magazines Interior Design and Architectural Digest.

Quite simply, Michael knows how to “get it done” and understands the meaning of good design that will remain functional and relevant over time. In an ideal world, he wants to train people to replace him so that he can focus on winning the Senior Class in any EWS mountain-bike event.

Art Director

With over twenty years of experience behind her, Iram Sultan is widely respected in India’s interior design space. She has provided innovative solutions for luxury residential and boutique hospitality projects that are founded on a collaborative, empathetic and client driven design process. Art, craft, heritage, design history, joy and warmth all play into her creative design sensibility.

It’s the same spirit that informs her work with Sunday. Working in close collaboration with Shannon Sadler studios in Milan, Iram has created some truly unique collections that, she hopes, will bring a giant smile on every buyer's face. To her, design is as emotional, as it is visually appealing. Her favourite collection is the Fifties, which plays into her love for the forms and details of the era. Sundays to Iram are laid back, and involve finding a few good spots in her home to curl up with a book.